As we age we may not be able to take care of ourselves as we once did. We may struggle with decisions that affect our health, finances and general well-being. You or someone you know could become a victim of elder abuse, in which an elderly person is particularly vulnerable to neglect, fraud and/or treatment that constitutes physical or emotional abuse.

An elder may not display any signs of physical or emotional abuse. Financial elder abuse, however, is increasingly common.  Theft of cash or property or forging the elder’s signature on checks can be fairly obvious. However other forms may be more difficult to spot, including vendors taking payment for services that are never provided, overcharging for home repairs or other services, misrepresenting an investment opportunity or other outright fraud.

Elders and other dependent adults can become the subjects of conservatorships that serve to protect them from making poor decisions and from improper outside influences.  The Dean Law Group has extensive experience with conservatorship and financial elder abuse proceedings.

Our site can provide more information on financial elder abuse, other forms of elder abuse and conservatorships.