When a person, business or other entity believes they have suffered loss as a result of the actions of another party, a lawsuit can occur.  The party that brings the lawsuit – the plaintiff – is asking for a legal solution or resolution to the situation that they believe has been brought about as a result of the actions of the defendant.   Litigation encompasses the process of bringing a lawsuit through to trial in the presence of a judge and, often, a jury.  Lawsuits can also be settled through alternate dispute resolution without going to trial.

Many law practices work exclusively to avoid going to trial on behalf of their clients, instead resolving issues through mediation or negotiation. This can be an effective approach for many disputes. However in the event that trial is unavoidable it is extremely important to have attorneys on your side who are experienced and confident litigators.

The Dean Law Group has successfully represented clients in California lawsuits, court proceedings, hearings and other forms of litigation.  The attorneys have the knowledge, experience and presence to provide you with strong representation both inside and outside the courtroom, in both California state and federal courts.